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the beauty of being always connected

It is a leading company operating in the wireless telecommunications sector as Wisp (wireless internet service provider) authorized and approved by the Ministry of Economic Development. It offers broadband internet connections in places open to the public, cafes, hotels, conference facilities, campsites, airports, railway stations, marinas. From these locations, you can connect to the internet wirelessly and navigate safely and quickly. It is enough to have a tablet or a smartphone to connect to the service by purchasing one of the tariff plans available or in FREE WiFi mode in the areas already served.
At present it manages thousands of HotSpots mainly located in areas with high tourist traffic, guaranteeing its services to millions of mobile and resident users every year. Interiors Municipalities, public companies, rail transport networks, hotel associations and tourist port associations have entrusted us with the planning and management of their own wireless network. Rural areas and municipalities not reached by terrestrial ADSL, have solved their needs for connectivity relying fully on our solutions.


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